The stuff up.

By Josh Lama
You know, I had a not so good week this week, but one of the things that have happened to me yesterday was that i was sent to the Non-Sport room. Pretty much this could be anything from a good quick few hours of doing not a lot, or a detention.

Yesterday it was a detention. We were there for two hours. I've never been to afternoon detention but, I'd believe that they were let off at about 4:30 or so. Now school finishes at 3:15, so it would be 1hr, 15min. Again, we were there for 2 hours! Two Hours!

Now I'm only angry of how the teacher made Non-Sport. Non-Sport is not a detention, it's a place go if you stuffed up, but it's also a place for people who can't do sport.

I'm angry, but i forgive the teacher. We don't do enough forgiving in this world, and we should do more. let's be strong in our faith, and be more like Jesus.

See you soon.

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