A Story on Saul.

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Yesterday I did another talk for our youth group. I've done previously two already. The first one was based on Jesus saying I am the way, and the truth, and the life, and that no one comes to the father except though me. This passage is more of a wake up call to the secular idea of Spirituality. (All religions all say the same thing etc.) The talk is on this blog.

The second one was based on Cain and Abel, in which is all about sin being apart of humanity, not just to say "It was from Adam and Eve!" (not to say that sin is alright, it's still disobeying God.) I've haven't posted that online because of the structure and how it was written. It wasn't my best talk.

And so last night. This time I did Saul's conversion (Saul who becomes Paul, not King Saul). you can find it here. As something a bit different I decided to give the talk as one of Saul's Henchmen. Since Saul's Henchmen aren't in the bible, I had to create a new character. This character is with Saul all the time before the conversion, and so is the typical hating Christian lets-get-rid-of-them Jew. And so, I acted my way as this character for the kids. This character later goes though the motions of the craziness of the events. Finally he becomes a Christan as well. The difficult part was infact the confidence to create a beleavable charater. I've never approached a talk this way.

But, it was a hit.

Alot of the kids enjoyed this new type of talk (storytelling), all of our talks before this have been the typical young teen talk. (except when our youth leader scared everyone with a knife doing an reanactment of Abraham and Issac.) It got the message out, which is important in any talk. but a lot of people (kids and adults) said that I could act! Whoa??? I don't have the confidence to act! ARRGGHH!!!!?!!!?!?!?

Again I won't post the talk up, however you can read the text here.

Josh Lama


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