Josh Blog for Advent #1.

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Hey guys.

I've decided to create a thing for the blog just for you.

If you haven't noticed, I've haven't done a lot of blogging for the past year, mainly because of doing the Prem HSC and now the HSC. SO, I've decided to do a first for the blog called...

Josh Lama's Blog for Advent!

And so we start off with this.
The inspiration for this was in fact a little video podcast called Grant's Advent Calender. Here's a promo.

And HI to everyone who came from watching that clip. Note, I'm saying in the clip, "(Big breath in and out, followed by a long pause.) 3 days, 8 hours...46 minutes... (Short pause) .... 24 seconds. " So that's where I got this inspiration.
Now the second thing I want to say is that I've got a YouTube account. you can find it @:
You can see such marvelous clips like...The Warriors (Music to an Imaginary Ballet) - Percy Granger.

It's really exiting.
Anyway, I hope tomorrow will be more eventful that this blog post.
See ya!

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