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Yea, I'm bad. I didn't post on Thursday and Yesterday, and so I'll be punished.
I'll try to make it up by doing three blog posts in one.So, I've tried to keep up on school work for yr 12. (Passed yr 11, even though I screwed up two exams because of sickness.) I did a speech today (Thursday) and stuffed it up completely. Too much useless information that I've put into the work. All well, I'll get a D or C for that. It had potential, but it didn't work. Sigh. Well I have a math exam to go.
Sick. hate it. Headache, Drowsy, overworked, stomach ache. went home before exam.

If you haven't read the news, the NSW Department of Education and Training (DET) has not got the emails for all students. They have this already, but now it's on the Google servers instead the Microsoft servers (I think) Anyway, I think it's cool.

Oh, and I applied for a summer school, and they didn't accept me.

Now, to end on a + note, I'm thinking of telling you a story about Christmas, mainly revolving Jesus Christ Birth and the painting depicted in the Gospel of Matt and Luke in the bible. Thinking more along the lines of guy from 2008 is obsessed with the consumerism of Christmas, and is sent off to the first Christmas as a lamb and witnesses the story there.

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