Who are you – online?

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Who are you – Online?

By Josh Lama

Who/ What are you right now? Yes/ Right now?


A Kid?

An Adult?

Who/What are you online?


A Dog?



A 14 year old girl?

A 53 year old man?

Who/What are you online?

Should a flower be a flower?

Should a brick be a brick?

Should a human be a human?

Shouldn't that be for all cases,

even online?

Or are we so fed up of

Ourselves that

Being someone else seems the greater option.

How come, we live a double life?

Yours might not be as obvious:

Do you swear online?

Do you call someone online –

A Jackass


An n00b

That you wouldn't say in real life?

"It's amazing to have someone from

Australia and someone from South

America in the same chat room!"

Fr. Roderick. 2008.

It is amazing!

We are a worldwide comunity!

Why can't we make that?

"You know, what really bothers me about this...

...but the internet has made people so cynical,

and so unaccountable. And,

I actually sometimes detect a little glee

in some of

these people..."

Where are


going to be?

here here here

here here

"And I'm like, 'what kind of people are these?'

and 'do they have people they care about?'

Or are they literally



That they don't care about anyone but


Scott Bourne. 2009.


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