Well, I suck a blogging.

By Josh Lama
No, Seriously, I suck a blogging.
I tried to get myself blogging again after me finding out that most of last year, I didn't blogg that much.

Moving on,

So the last time I blogged, a lot of things have happened. Now, I have just finnished my trials. (So since March, I have done half-yearly's, exams along the way, etc, then stuff on major works etc.) Hits head after doing so much work. And I'm not finnished yet... This week I have to get SDD done, VA done, and next week I have Music Composition and The actual thing.

HSC however is in October, and I finnish mid november, so who knows, this blog might change to the wrenching agony of going through the 'waiting process' of getting my HSC results and ATAR. (click here to find out more.) So, I'll see you then.

Oh and i'm in other places on the web.

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