Hot dog, We have a winner!

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And the winner is...Split three ways,
More geeky stuff
Well, the podcast awards are up, and I would like you guys to vote! I don't do any podcasts yet, but, GO and vote. I would suggest for podcasts to vote, AND THEY ARE christran! Also
More Religion stuff
Well, Reading the bible is a very important thing to do. we have new addition to the website that is a Verse of the day, (It's above this post) You can get it from Bible Gateway.
More of my life
I'm doing at wonderful Talk at school, on GOD IS STRONG! when posting this, I have no idea what I am doing, but it's going to be cool.
Also I am participating in the NCSS PROGRAMING CHALLENGE. Learning Python. It's cool. (Stupid Syntax)
See you soon.
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