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The poll that is above this post is very important. This will change this blog. Please look very carfuly at the poll. (On the comments pleese tell me any problems.) I will not post until the poll is finnished.
See you.
Josh Lama.

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  1. EMO_Chaplain 15/7/07 5:58 PM
    Hi Lama!
    Hope hols have been good for you mate... Just to answer your question (via my blog):
    You can get Feedburner features in your (already cool) Blog like this...

    Go to
    and create a 'feed'. It just means using your "Josh Lama" blog as a source for a 'feed" - a kind of
    way to turn your posts into episodes that others can access (it's called syndication.)

    Once you plug this "blogger" address into feedburner feed creator, you can add festures, and paste new stuff into ""

    Best features I've seen are:
    * Special "Banner" they can create as an advert. for your blog
    * A dialogue box for people to subscribe by Email

    See ya on Tuesday. We're gonna try and have a FUEL leader chaps brekky, maybe on Wed. morning
    Let ya know

    God's grace be on ya , Lama

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