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Remeber that story I was going to write? well here's that first chapter...Enjoy.

Chapter 1
This story is about Rebecca. I don’t know where she lives, where she works, or what she likes for Christmas, but I can tell you these facts. She’s got a job, (good in this financial climate,) loves shopping, and loves consumerism. I also know she comes from a non-practicing Christian family. You know what? Let’s pay her a visit. Let’s see, three times I say.

Rebecca was just out of school (only a few days off) in which she was now at the local mall buying stuff for Christmas, and waiting for her job at the local clothes store. By the time she had bought all her presents for her family, and was quite tired. She quickly walked to the nearest MacDonald’s, where she waited as an old lady in a light blue jacket was slowly getting change for her meal. Of course she knew what she wanted, “A big Mac meal, medium, with Sprite instead of Coke.” One other person was wateing, and then it was Rebecca.

It was then her turn where she saw a guy around the same age as her behind the counter.
“How can I help you?” The guy asked.
“err.” Memory blank, great, I’ve never had this before. “A Big Mac meal, medium, with a Sprite instead of Coke.”
“Anything else?” the guy asked.
“Nah,” she now reading the nametag, “Luke.” Quickly mark grabbed her meal, and gave it to her, then he gave her the Sprite.
“Here you go.” Rebecca was expecting him to say next please, but she looked behind her shoulder to find no one was behind her. She quickly got to a table, and ate her burger. It was about 5 minutes later when Luke came over to her. “Well, I’m out of there. How are you?”
“Good...Thanks.” She said in a slow, confused voice. “Do you usually talk to strangers?”
“Yep.” Trying to not give away the surprise. “So, what are you got in there?” pointing to the bags.
“Oh, just some Christmas shopping.”
“Oh, sounds great!”
“How come I’ve never seen you before?” fired Rebecca.
“I live quite far away from my job, I’m leaving for a moment, and then I’m working again.”
“I’ve got a job. It’s downstairs.”
“That place...That clothes shop next to the cafe. I’ve seen you work there!”
“Great place to work isn’t it!”
“Yeah. So how are you getting ready for the Christmas season?”
“Mostly putting up the Christmas tree, getting all the decorations out, writing Christmas cards out, sending them to people, and then, oh, our family is having a big banquet, with chicken and turkey, and ham...”
“So with all of that, what does Christmas mean to you?”
“I...I” She paused for a moment. “I don’t know. I always thought of this as a time where we can get together.”
“Can’t you get together any other time?”
“I’d guess so.”
“Do you want to know what it really means?” She nodded.
“Okay, I’ll show you.” An awrkuid silence was with them both.
“Aren’t you going to show me now?”
“If I see you by the time you finish your job, you’ll know I’ll show you what Christmas really means.” Mark got up and left her.

Just before her job started, she first saw the nativity scene outside the shop. There was Baby Jesus, with Mary, Joseph, and three men giving the child expensive boxes. She remembered the story told by...well she couldn’t remember. “Three wise men came to see the Baby Jesus and to give him gifts, because he was so important...for some odd reason.”

She finished her job a 5 PM, where Luke was waiting. He quickly grabbed her. “It’ll happen at 12 AM Tonight. I shall give you more details then. See you.” Luke ran off. Rebecca wanted say something, buy Luke was too fast. She walked home. She said nothing to anyone.

She awoke that night to go to the toilet, just hearing the whisper coming from downstairs. She
walked down suspiciously. Then she recognised the voice. No, it’s Mark she thought to herself.

“Good...late night. Are you ready for the experience?”
“No.” She said in a scared like manner.
“When you will wake up you will be a lamb. It’ll be 2000 years ago. Good night.”
“But...” Rebecca went into a dreary like state. She collapsed on the floor and fell into a deep sleep.

She woke up again and heard an unfamiliar voice. “Get up! It’s been a long day for you.”
It’s all a dream. It’s all a dream. She kept telling herself that, and hopfully this will wake her up. Soon her reality was forming, and soon her eyes slowly opened.
Her eyes started to open when staring in her face was in fact a cow. “Come on...wake up! We don’t want the stableboy take you away!” The cow said. It’s all a bit surreal. She then heard voices, one of them a screaming lady....

To Be Continued on Saturday.

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